FTI-Andersch appoints new partner and three directors

The management consultancy FTI-Andersch, which specializes in restructuring and transformation, has appointed Lukas Thesker as a new partner. Three new directors have also been appointed. FTI-Andersch's management team has thus grown to 23 (Senior) Managing Directors, who directly support the four-member Management Board.
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"Lukas Thesker has been with FTI-Andersch for over ten years. He knows the company and our clients inside out and has learned restructuring consulting from the ground up," says Christian Säuberlich, Spokesman of the Management Board of FTI-Andersch. "From intern to partner in ten years: this career is possible with us."

Thesker specializes in the development of comprehensive restructuring concepts and the introduction of efficient processes for active liquidity management. He has advised clients in over 50 restructuring projects, primarily in the wholesale and retail, logistics, manufacturing and circular economy sectors. With his appointment as a partner, Lukas Thesker will take on an even more active role in advising clients. Among other things, he will focus on the development of an extended range of services, such as digital liquidity planning.

Franziska Schmitt, Christopher Weiß and Dominik Weiß have been appointed Managing Directors, the second management level. They are the most important link between the client project teams and the consulting teams in all ongoing projects. The new directors have been with FTI-Andersch for an average of seven years, with previous professional positions at SDAX holding Mutares, Porsche Consulting and KPMG, among others.

"FTI-Andersch has been absolutely performance-oriented since day one. Our clients are usually in very challenging situations when we work for them. There are no compromises," says Christian Säuberlich. "At the same time, it makes us very proud that we have succeeded in discovering, promoting, developing and retaining many consultants at FTI-Andersch at a very early stage thanks to our collegial and open corporate culture. There is no such thing as 'hire & fire' at FTI-Andersch. We always focus on long-term mutual success: for our clients, for our company and for each and every one of our employees."

About FTI-Andersch:
FTI-Andersch is a management consultancy that supports its clients in the development and implementation of sustainable future/performance and restructuring concepts. FTI-Andersch actively supports companies that have to deal with operational or financial challenges and change processes - or want to align their business model, organization and processes for the future at an early stage.
Clients include, in particular, medium-sized companies and corporations that operate internationally. Since 2020, FTI-Andersch has been part of the FTI Consulting Group (NYSE: FCN) with more than 8,000 employees worldwide.

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