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Profits are bubbling up again

FTI-Andersch developed a tailored concept for the future and engaged in consistent communication with investors. Based on this work, Hochwald was able to sustainably reorganize its earning and financing structures.

The Company

The family-run company fills drinks for large retail chains and big-name brands, and also sells its own brands. With over 350 million fillings per year and around 240 employees, Hochwald Sprudel Schupp GmbH is an industry leader in the Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland region.

Situation at the outset

Hochwald was pursuing an ambitious growth strategy in a declining market characterized by considerable pressure on prices. The company’s complex product range and production problems had made this situation more difficult still. As a consequence, the company had run up high debts and had little liquidity.

The Solution

Working together with Hochwald, FTI-Andersch developed a long-term concept for the company’s future and recommended optimization measures for its production and sales units. This in turn facilitated active communication with investors and agreements on sustainable financial restructuring measures.


Thanks to FTI-Andersch’s monitoring of the restructuring process over a number of years, regular reporting to investors, and to annual plausibility checks of the company’s business planning, Hochwald was enabled to enter into solid refinancing agreements with new finance partners.

FTI-Andersch has convinced us with its dedicated commitment and excellent professional advice. With the help of FTI-Andersch, we have succeeded in sustainably securing the values created by our family.

Günter Schupp

Günter Schupp

Former CEO, Hochwald Sprudel-Gruppe, Beverage producer
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