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Repositioning a market leader

FTI-Andersch conducted a precise analysis and developed a global strategy for elumatec AG. These measures helped the company sustainably transform its business and significantly increase its value.


Founded in 1928, elumatec AG is today among the world’s leading providers of premium profile machining solutions. It has a staff of around 720 and has subsidiaries and dealers in 50 countries.

Situation at the outset

Due to the company’s complex structure (40 subsidiaries around the globe) and a lack of transparency in accounting processes, and due to an increasingly competitive market, elumatec AG’s existence as a going concern was under threat and its liquidity in continual decline.

The Solution

Based on a detailed market and competition analysis, FTI-Andersch developed a global product and sales strategy in collaboration with the company. We also helped the company identify and capitalize on areas of operational potential. The focus of our work in this respect was on analyzing the value of the existing product portfolio, optimizing processes, adapting resources and developing new product types.


Consistent implementation of the measures defined served to continually improve elumatec’s operating earnings, sustainably stabilizing the company and rendering it fit for the future.

Our collaboration with FTI-Andersch was consistently productive and equitable. We overcame a range of challenges together. We continue to use the insights we have gained from this collaboration in our daily work.

Ralf Haspel

Ralf Haspel

Former CEO , elumatec, Machine- and plant manufacturer
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