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Restructuring a trendsetting company

FTI-Andersch conducted a detailed analysis of the options available and, based on this, helped Butlers to restructure successfully.

The Company

The Butlers corporate group was founded in 1999 and is today a leading retailer for home accessories, decor, furniture and gift products. It varies its product range based on seasonal trend themes. Butlers employs around 1000 employees, has its own network of branches, operates an online shop, and works with franchise partners.

Situation at the outset

Butlers was facing declining customer traffic in its branches and increasingly diversified competition, a situation that had recently been exacerbated by negative currency effects.

The Solution

Working together with Butlers, FTI-Andersch developed a viable concept for the company’s restructuring. Key in this respect was a detailed examination of the optimization potential within the company’s operating and financing processes.


The areas of potential identified were capitalized on, significantly and sustainably increasing the company’s earnings and financial strength.

Our goal is to always deliver outstanding quality. We have developed ourselves from a traditional family business to one of the most successful home & living companies in Germany. FTI-Andersch shares our high-quality standards and helped us to realize our goals.

Wilhelm Josten

Wilhelm Josten

Founder and CEO, Butlers, Retailer Home & Living
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