Business Planning and Plausibility

Dynamic markets, increasing competitive pressure or declining results: There are many situations in which companies need to set a strategic course. Systematic business planning and plausibility checks are a decisive, reliable basis for decision-making.


Reliable business planning not only lays the foundation for future-oriented corporate management. It also helps those responsible for the company to fulfil their own duty of care and to identify risks at an early stage. In addition, the viability of the business model can be proven to stakeholders - and adequate financing can be ensured.

Planning assessments by FTI-Andersch are objective, transparent and meaningful. This gives all stakeholders the assurance that the assumptions are based on a robust and comprehensible foundation. This strengthens the confidence of equity and debt capital providers.

The validation by FTI-Andersch adds to your business planning our many years of experience and knowledge from numerous planning processes as well as a systematic analysis of your business models and markets. Integrated business planning in particular requires specific methodological and technical knowledge so that the profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow are reliably reconciled.


Neutral perspective and extensive know-how with added value

Questions for the team

What can companies expect from FTI-Andersch, and what are the main advantages?

We are experts in the preparation and assessment of business planning for medium-sized companies and large corporations. We determine the resilience of the planning and identify possible weaknesses. With the help of differentiated statements for individual planning drivers as well as a holistic assessment of the income, asset and financial planning, companies and financiers receive a complete and transparent picture. On this basis, we provide concrete recommendations on how the planning process and methodology can be further improved.

What are the main challenges for companies when it comes to business planning?

When we are called into action, the company or its market environment is often characterised by far-reaching changes. Their influence on business planning is usually very difficult for management to assess. That is why they benefit from an external assessment, for example in the evaluation of market-side influencing factors or in the financial mapping of a strategic reorientation. For this purpose, we use flexible planning models to simulate different scenarios quickly and reliably.

How can companies prepare for a planning assessment?

Decisive for us are first and foremost the underlying sub-plans, for example sales planning, production planning and personnel planning as well as the documentation on the essential premises. In the case of corporate groups, we also look at the company level. For validation, we use historical financial data as well as customer and market-related information. This includes order backlogs, customer contracts or market studies. The rest results from the process, i.e. after initial analyses and management interviews, we agree individually which further documents are necessary.

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