Financial Advisory

When portfolio companies find themselves in challenging situations, financiers need an accurate picture of the situation and specific options for action. FTI-Andersch provides support in navigating through these tough times – from the financial assessment to the definition of the negotiation strategy.


For complex restructuring, external advice and possible representation towards the debtors are often beneficial. In situations with several financiers or creditor groups with possibly different collateralisation, professional coordination of the communication and decision-making processes is necessary in addition to transparent processing of the situation.

FTI-Andersch helps with an objective evaluation of options for action by our experts as well as the establishment of goal-oriented strategies for risk minimisation. Furthermore, a basis for necessary negotiations is created.


Objective assessment for the optimal strategy

Questions for our team

What are the key advantages of Financial Advisory for investors?

Restructuring is often already complex on the part of the company – if a heterogeneous financing structure with several creditor groups and different interests is added, the complexity and effort increase even more. A financial advisor not only provides creditors with greater transparency about the company's performance and possible solution options, but also with external negotiation expertise. Our experience has shown: When it comes to negotiation strategy, nothing should be left to chance.

How do you deal with conflicts of interest in concrete terms?

Financial advisory naturally focuses on the interests of the client (usually a creditor group) – but this often also means demonstrating the need for compromises to other stakeholders. With our financial assessments, we first provide an objective picture of the situation for all parties involved. This creates a reliable basis for goal-oriented negotiations that reconcile the different interests. We also have experience with hardened fronts – here we coordinate strongly with legal advisors in particular.

How does FTI-Andersch arrive at the optimal negotiation strategy for capital providers?

Through detailed and reliable analyses, we prevent "unpleasant surprises" in upcoming negotiations. Based on this, we develop case-specific options for action from which a targeted negotiation strategy can be derived, especially in complex situations.

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