Support in Liquidation and M&A Processes

Whether company succession, repositioning, or capital release – there are many reasons to consider selling companies or parts thereof. In all cases, it is important to prepare the transaction process carefully.


When considering the sale of companies or parts thereof, individual assets or shares in companies, strategic, financial, operational, and legal aspects must be taken into account. In addition to transaction preparation, the focus is on sales planning and the valuation of the transaction object. In the run-up to the transaction, options must be regularly explored and evaluated. The result of this option analysis – in which we can also support you with our experts – forms the sound basis for the decision-makers. Successful support of the transaction also requires professional assistance in approaching potential investors.


Firmly steering through the sales process

Questions for our team

How does the procedure differ for diverse divestment occasions?

Experience, diligence, and expertise accompany our work regardless of the occasion. However, the focus shifts depending on the situation. Whereas, for example, in the case of a company succession, the concerns of the departing shareholders must be particularly considered, it is primarily a matter of the financial resilience of the analyses and professional communication with potential buyers. Both tact and expertise are required here.

How would you describe the FTI-Andersch approach to support in realization and M&A processes?

Fundamentally, transaction support is always about trust and competence. After all, the separation from companies that may have been built up over a long period of time is imminent. At the same time, however, there is a certain pressure to act in certain situations – for example, in the context of restructuring processes. That is why we always proceed in a structured and pragmatic manner and always keep an eye on the interests of the parties involved in the process.

How do option analyses work and what purpose do they serve in transaction support?

Option analyses describe the effects of changes in certain external factors. They show dependencies in a structured way. To this end, we determine what effects relevant drivers (e.g. energy prices) have on the financial situation of the company. For this purpose, we analyze the integrated corporate planning and the market environment, identify the most important drivers, and simulate the effects when these parameters change. This allows us to prepare measures for the optimal handling of the respective scenarios should they occur. As a result, the risk of being confronted with unforeseen developments unprepared is minimized, thus significantly increasing transaction security.

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